Shareholder Information

Sasol Inzalo was created in 2008 by Sasol Limited. The Sasol Inzalo transaction was borne out of Sasol’s drive to include as many South Africans as possible in Sasol’s success. One of Sasol’s objectives was to broaden its shareholder base further and, with over 206 000 shareholders in Sasol Inzalo Public Limited (RF) it is one of the most broad-based black economic empowerment transactions in South Africa.
Sasol is proud to offer South Africans an opportunity to own part of Sasol through a platform that is accessible.
The Sasol Inzalo transaction is comprised of the following four pillars, or entities:
  • Sasol Employees and Black Managers through The Sasol Inzalo Employee Scheme and The Sasol Inzalo Management Scheme (Employee Share Ownership Programme);
  • The Sasol Inzalo Foundation Trust;
  • Selected Participants through Sasol Inzalo Groups Limited (RF); and
  • The Black Public through:
  • Sasol Inzalo Public Limited (RF) (Sasol Inzalo Ordinary Shares); and/or
  • Sasol Limited (Sasol BEE Ordinary Shares).